Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I bet you’re wondering why all of my deals are based on and not google flights like similar accounts do. Well, this is the reason why.



First of all, they do different sales than you can find on google flights. Similar accounts to mine use google flights because it’s easy and simple to use. However, they aren’t always the cheapest prices out there. Kiwi will have deals going on that google flights don’t. For example, Kiwi flights right now to Washington, DC are currently $152 round trip if you travel on Feb 6th – Feb 10th. 


That is a great deal considering these tickets are usually over $400 round trip. Now if I was to purchase the same tickets through google flights, it would be a $201 round trip. So by using Kiwi, you will save $49 on this particular flight. 


Now this isn’t always the case, sometimes google flights has a better deal, so it’s best to check both before booking. What I’m getting at is Deals on Departures has different deals than others that post similar content because we use



Saved Me lots of Hassle

Now here is the story of why I love and will always use them. 


Summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to go to Scotland for a business Study Abroad. I booked my flights through At the end of my month-long venture in Scotland, it was almost time to come home. A week or so before leaving, I got a call from They had informed me that my flight had been canceled due to not enough people booking. They told me that they would pay for me to get on a different flight. However, this flight I would have to leave 1 day earlier and spend the night in Manchester. They PAID for ALL of my FOOD, paid for my HOTEL and paid for the flight difference because of this Inconvenience. This is great.


Now you may expect this of the company you book your flights through. However, I had several (3+) people who were in my group in Scotland that purchased the same flight through Expedia. NO ONE TOLD THEM THE FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED. I had mentioned that my flight was similar to the one they had, but it got canceled. I asked if their flight had gotten canceled and they informed me that as far as they knew it didn’t and they were good to go. 


The Day Of Leaving – That morning, one of the students who purchased through Expedia went to check on the flight to make sure it was good to go (Thank god he checked). When he signed in to Check into his flight they finally told him – it got canceled. This was HOURS before the flight was supposed to leave. Now you can imagine how stressed they were. If this flight got canceled they would miss their connecting flight back to the United States. 


They called Expedia. They would NOT pay for their flights – They had to pay the difference. (If I remember correctly). They also had to FIGHT them to pay for a room and a taxi to the hotel for the overnight layover in Manchester. When we landed in Manchester, I got my taxi and hotel with NO problems. They, however, were told they would have a Taxi waiting for them to take them to the hotel. This was a lie. They ended up waiting over an hour for this ‘taxi’ that never came. They finally caved and purchased a cab. When they got to the hotel, Expedia NEVER BOOKED IT. They then had to call them and wait in the lobby of the hotel for at least 2 hours trying to sort this all out. They didn’t get their food paid for, never got reimbursed for their taxi and getting the hotel was a nightmare. Now, this isn’t a good way to end a month-long trip. 


The moral of the story is, book through Kiwi. They have a guarantee that they will take care of you if any of these things happen. Other booking sites don’t always do this. They called me as soon as the flight got canceled, paid for my taxi, paid for my food and purchased me a nice hotel to stay in during my layover. Because of this, I am a lifetime fan. I will purchase all of my flights from them because of this experience I had.

The Kiwi Guarantee

So now I wanted to tell you about the Kiwi Guarantee. This Guarantee will protect you from any Flight Delays, Cancellations, and Schedule changes. Meaning, if your flight departs at a different time and you will miss your connecting flights, they will change your flights for you and make sure you get home. 


If something happens to your flight and you don’t like the alternative they offer you, they will REFUND YOU for that flight. The best part of the Kiwi Guarantee – it’s not extra. Most companies make you pay a certain amount when purchase your ticket to cover these things. KIWI OFFERS THIS FREE TO EVERYONE. No extra fees. Which also saves you money in the long run! 


You can read more about it on their website by clicking here. 


In Conclustion: 

This is why Deals on Departures uses when recommending flights. They are cheap, and they will take care of you. We don’t want you to have any issues while on vacation. This is a time to relax and have fun with family/friends. You shouldn’t have to stress about missing connections and having issues with your flights. 

This is obviously just my opinion, you can book through other agencies and they will probably do a good job. Just be careful that you get someone you trust or are recommending. Some of these sites won’t take care of you after they get your money. 


Do you have any experience with Share your thoughts below! We would love to hear your story.