First time to Thailand | The Do’s and Don’t when Traveling to Thailand

First time to Thailand | The Do’s and Don’t when Traveling to Thailand

The do's and don'ts of traveling to thailand for the first time.

So you’re thinking of traveling to Thailand? How exciting! I went to Thailand almost 2 years ago on my honeymoon and I LOVED it, and you will too. So when traveling to Thailand it is a bit of a culture shock. There are lots of things to watch out for, and things that are there to enjoy – which you should. Here is my personal list of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ when Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand. 

the don'ts when going to Thailand

  1. Tuk Tuk’s

So Tuk Tuk’s are a cool part of Thailand. So why is it on the don’t list? Well, not all Tuk Tuks are bad, however, you need to beware that some of the scam you and waste your time. If you get a Tuk Tuk and they will take you straight to where you want to go, they are great! 

If someone comes up to you and tells you they will give you a deal and will take you to several places for only 100 bahts, don’t do it. They will take you to shops that they are partnered with and ditch you there. For example, we got a Tuk Tuk and they were supposed to be taking us to the Palace. The driver claimed that he was running out of gas and that we can go into this shop so he can fill up. 

It’s pouring rain, but we go into this shop because we did think that he was out of gas – he was not. As soon as you step out of the Tuk Tuk the salespeople are ON YOUR ASS. They will not leave you alone and will drive you nuts until you either tell them no, or buy something. It was SUPER annoying and a waste of time. So we go back outside to wait for our Tuk Tuk, and he was sitting on his phone waiting for us. So we get back in and he then tells us we are making a stop at a suit shop.

We get to this suit shop and they do the same thing. Accusing us of being racist and literally EVERYTHING in the book for not buying a suit from them. They were incredibly rude. So we get back in the Tuk Tuk and this time I’m furious. He says he has 1 more stop. I made him stop right then and there, gave him the 100 bahts and we walked. It was TERRIBLE. So beware when getting one, they are super cool and unique to Thailand, but they also target tourists. 

  1. Taxi’s

When you’re getting a taxi, they know you’re a tourist and they will charge you more. I read online to make sure they turn the meter on when you get in the cab. As we were leaving Thailand, our resort helped us get a taxi. When we got in the driver told us it would be 500 bahts to get to the airport. I asked him to turn on the meter and he said it was broken and that it would cost the same either way. 

I told him we weren’t driving with him unless he turned the meter on. He pretended he couldn’t understand us and tried to drive away. We finally told a guy at our resort to tell him to turn the meter on, or we will wait for the next cab. He finally turned it on. The airport was about 20 minutes away when we got there the meter said we owed $115 bahts. Now I don’t know about you, but 115 isn’t the same as 500. Moral of the story, make sure they turn the meter on when you get in the taxies. Also, be sure to tip them when they drop you off. Don’t pay more just because you’re a tourist. 

  1. Buying drugs at parties

Now this one I don’t have experience with, however, I read about it and thought I’d give you a heads up. Thailand is known for the parties, specifically the Moon party they do each month. They have undercover cops that will try to sell you drugs if you purchase these drugs they will arrest you. So don’t buy drugs, because you don’t want to end up in a foreign countries jail. 

  1. Ride elephants

Now, this is 100% your choice. Just keep in mind that most of the elephants that you’re riding are treated inhumanly and are chained up all day. They have lots of elephant sanctuaries that allow you to swim, feed and interact with them without hurting them. 

  1. Don’t wear tank tops

Let me clarify, you CAN wear tank tops. Some of the palaces or Buddhist places won’t allow you to go onto their property if your shoulders are showing. Some of these places will have clothes you can borrow to cover your shoulders so you can go in. Some (Like the prices palace) will not have this. They won’t let you in if you’re wearing a tank top. So bring an extra shirt with you, or be aware of who allows it and who doesn’t so you travel for nothing. 

the do's when going to thailand

  1. The weekend market

You HAVE to go to the weekend market! This was the best place to buy gifts for those back home. It was super cheap and has over 15,000 booths. This will have all the gifts you could need. Be sure to get it here because it is the cheapest place + you can talk them down in price if you’d like. They will have everything from food – which I highly recommend, gifts, tattoos, massages, basically everything you will need. Be sure to make this a priority when visiting Bangkok, Thailand. 

  1. Get massages! 

When my husband and I went here on our honeymoon, we got massages every. single. day. It was about $5 USD a person for a 1-hour massage. There are lots of massage places so it’s easy to find. We had one across the street from our resort. If you want to get massages, don’t get them at the resort because they will charge regular price (Around $60) when you can find a small shop that will do it for around $5 an hour. This was my husband’s favorite part of the day so be sure to try a true Thai massage. 

  1. Go see their zoo!

They have the best zoo in Bangkok! THE BEST ZOO. They will let you touch and play with lots of different animals for a price. But since our dollar is worth so much to them, it’s cheap! I got to take pictures with their Sealions for about $10 a family. They also had other things like birds that will land on you hoping you’ll feed them. Such a fun place to visit, with or without kids. This is nothing like what we have in the States so check it out! 

  1. Pay to play with animals

Thailand has lots of animals and they are so fun to play with. They have things like dolphins, sea lions, birds, monkeys, elephants and more. If you’re an animal lover, you will love Thailand. 

  1. The zoo cafe

If you love animals, you will like the zoo cafe. Thailand has lots of different coffee shops and cafes that are animal-themed. The Zoo Cafe has a variety of animals including dogs, birds, cats, owls and more. You pay to eat here and you can play with the animals. They have different themed ones too like a dog cafe, cat cafe, husky cafe and more. They have so many of these cafes, google them before you go to find which ones you’d like to visit. 

  1. Get a fancy hotel

Get a NICE hotel. When I was in Thailand we got a hotel with our own private pool facing the ocean and it was $40 a night! Thailand is a great place to live like royalty for cheap. Especially if it’s your honeymoon, be sure to grab yourself a nice hotel. 

  1. Bring hand sanitizer

With all the animals, be sure to bring lots of hand sanitizer with you. You will see animals on the street you might want to pet. Another reason to bring hand sanitizer is that their water isn’t clean. You can’t drink it and sometimes washing your hands isn’t an option. So bring lots of hand sanitizer so you don’t get sick. 

  1. Rent a Scooter 

We rented a scooter when we were in Koh Samui, this island isn’t that busy so we felt comfortable riding one around. I wouldn’t recommend doing this in Bangkok because of how crowded it is. They also drive on the left side of the road – so if you aren’t familiar with driving on the left side you won’t want to drive in the crazy crowded Bangkok. 

  1. Zip Lining

Ziplining was one of the best ways to see waterfalls and nature in Thailand. It was more pricy than other activities, but it was worth it. We had incredible guides, they picked us up at our resort and even fed us while we were there. 

  1. Try street food

This is one thing I didn’t do when I was there. I was so worried about eating food from street vendors that I didn’t give it a chance. I would be careful about who you get it from and make sure their station is clean, but I’ve heard that it is the best part of Thailand. Their food is super good – so be sure to indulge.



I hope this helps you on your trip to Thailand! Comment below anything I missed or what your favorite party of Thailand was! Thanks for reading!